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Current projects:

Stories of Health

In early 2015, ReThink Health: UCRV teamed up with United Valley Interfaith Project (UVIP) to amplify and expand UVIP’s work of using the power of storytelling to create community change. UVIP gathered stories in two areas: aging with dignity and life in Claremont. Over time, the myriad stories and rich qualitative data drawn from each story accumulate to give us an accurate picture of the challenges and assets that exist in the UCRV. Our shared hope is that the data and vibrant stories collected from the Stories Project can be leveraged to bring about significant, positive change in the organizations and systems that shape our local healthcare, social, and economic systems.

Stories Project Videos
United Valley Interfaith Project



Community Capacity Building

For the 2016-17 year, we are hosting our second AmeriCorps VISTA member, Elena Karis, whose work focuses on building community capacity around food security and nutrition education – issues that surfaced from the 2014 Claremont Health Survey. Her projects include: community garden at Valley Regional, nutrition education, and soup kitchen programming.



Using a Health Survey as a tool for community engagement
Implementation Guide for a Rural Community



Previous projects:

Advance Care Planning

ReThink Health: UCRV is partnering with Honoring Care Decisions and Partners for Community Wellness on a long term effort to improve advance care planning in our region. The goals are to make advance care planning the cultural norm for all adults, and to ensure end-of-life wishes are honored.


 See the reports from the 2015 survey below
ACP Quantitative Survey Report
ACP Qualitative Survey Report



Mobilizing Youth

 Mobilizing Youth for Healthier Communities began as a collaborative research project in 2014 inspired by Laleh Talebian, PhD. The underlying theory motivating the project is grounded in the belief that historically, the most powerful social movements have been driven by young people, who can uproot social norms, influence elections, and drive policy changes. The primary goal of the two year project is to create a replicable and sustainable model for educating, empowering and motivating teens to influence policies aimed at reducing tobacco use and obesity in their local communities.